Ceylon roadmap

Ceylon 1.2 has been released and we've already started development of Ceylon 1.3. Being an odd-numbered release, 1.3 won't include major new language features. Instead, the goals of the 1.3 release include:

  • Rebasing the compiler on Java 8, including use of new features of the Java 8 platform.
  • Full support for Android.
  • An IntelliJ-based IDE for Ceylon, along with a rewrite of much of Ceylon IDE in Ceylon.
  • Improvements to the Gradle plugin for Ceylon.
  • Support for overriding module dependencies in the Ceylon module descriptor, and deprecation of the existing overrides.xml format.
  • Interoperation with npm, including support for depending directly on NPM packages in module.ceylon.
  • Typesafe interoperation with TypeScript in Ceylon JS.